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Gratings for Telecom and Datacom

LightSmyth’s transmission gratings for telecom applications utilize state-of-the-art design and precise lithographic wafer-scale fabrication to deliver record-breaking optical performance combined with low cost, providing your optical systems with a powerful competitive edge. These gratings provide the world’s best combination of highest diffraction efficiency, low PDL and highly competitive pricing.




Through our on-line store we supply two grades of gratings:

High Performance Gratings which provide the highest levels of optical performance and diffraction efficiency and are available in a range of groove densities, wavelength ranges and standard sizes.

Overstock Gratings which have the same great optical performance and diffraction efficiency as our standard products however are offered at reduced prices due to relaxed surface quality specifications or non-standard sizes. This is a great option if minor surface imperfections (that mostly affect scattered light and not the optical efficiency) are acceptable.

Most of gratings are in-stock and available for immediate delivery.